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The CAST-1000 GPS Simulation System

The CAST-1000 creates a GPS RF environment for developing, integrating and testing GPS receivers in the laboratory or in the field.


The system simulates GPS for up to 12 L1 and L2, C/A and P code satellites (SVs). It includes individual SV power level adjustment and allows full control of the 300 bit navigation message.

The CAST-1000 comes standard with the following capabilities for realistic land, sea, air and space simulations.


  • SV Constellation Editor
  • Post Mission Processing
  • Antenna Pattern Modeling
  • Scenario Generation Capability
  • Differential GPS Corrections
  • Simulated RAIM Events
  • External Trajectory Input
  • External Ephemeris and Almanac
  • Ionosphere and Troposphere Modeling
  • Modifiable Navigation Message
  • Selective Availability Modeling
  • Time-tagged Satellite Events
  • Multipath Modeling
  • Spoofer Modeling
  • Satellite Clock Errors
  • Selectable Vehicle Parameters

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