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CAST Introduces lightweight GPS Satellite Simulator

The SGX portable, lightweight simulator generates a full constellation of GPS satellites with up to 16 satellites in view.

CAST Enters Commercial Simulator Market
CAST GPS simulators in use at government and military labs worldwide will now be made available to commercial markets.

CAST President Among 50 Leaders to Watch
Ray Simeon, president of CAST, and other industry leaders have been chosen by GPS World as individuals who will move GNSS industry and technology forward in 2006 and 2007.

Joint Strike Fighter Chooses CAST Simulator
CAST's simulation system is selected for providing synchronized stimulation of the GPS and inertial system for the Joint Strike Fighter program.

CAST Selected for Apache Nav System Integration
The Army is minimizing AH-64A/D flight testing by utilizing CAST for dynamic ground testing.

PSI Utilizes CAST for Re-entry Experiment
CAST enables PSI to accurately examine navigation performance for re-entry body (RB) trajectories.

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